About Tina Winness



Tina Winness is an painter and jewellery designer. Her designs are inspired by nature, fashion, geometry, textiles and traditions.

Since I was very little, I like to paint. I remember when I was a child, I overheard my mother saying that I was different from my siblings.

I loved reading books and nature. Especially I like watching the sky, clouds, birds, trees, fish and things about nature. Our house was situated near the forest and we loved to run into the forest and play.

Childhood time is wonderful. Painting is the happiest moment of my life. Every moment is an opportunity to inspire, create, and explore. My designs always bring me to another world whenever something inspires me to the dream or imagine.

I like nature, when I was young, our family lived in jungle, and my childhood days of playing and running around in jungle, gives me a sense of freedom. I like to embrace trees, looking up towards the sky when under trees, I could see the sunlight create a pattern formed from the leaves. Leaves fall off tree and change colour through the seasons to tells you that spring, summer, autumn and winter are coming. Nature bring you fresh air, and also wear the colours of the spirit. Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.

Whenever I look at nature, my mind will have a lot of images, and it feels very relaxed and comfortable. No constraints, no worries. Maybe I am a sensual person!